A superior approach to implementing CRM

A superior approach to implementing CRM

A superior approach to implementing CRM

When you’re responsible for your brand’s marketing messaging throughout the customer journey, you need to actually know what stage they’re in to do so. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money communicating with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Absolutely dominate your competitors by partnering with us and we’ll set up a CRM platform that makes managing and nurturing leads in each stage of the sales funnel brilliantly easy. We’ll also implement automation for a number of marketing tasks, freeing up your time to focus on more important things.

So take your business to the next level and engage King Midas today for CRM and marketing automation services that are second to none.

Why every digital strategy needs CRM to see success

Why every digital strategy needs CRM to see success

Why every digital strategy needs CRM to see success

Through proper storage of data about each customer on a CRM platform, you’re able to gain insights and understandings about them which you would never have been able to before.

As we all know, every digital strategy is customer-focused and should include content marketing efforts that place the ideal marketing message in front of the right audience at the perfect moment. And CRM is the ultimate tool to not just know exactly when to send out which messages to who, but also to automate a huge number of otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Long story short, CRM that’s been expertly set up will save time, money, and resources while growing more meaningful relationships with existing and prospective customers at every step of the marketing funnel.

Every CRM service you could ever need - right here

Every CRM service you could ever need - right here

Every CRM service you could ever need - right here

Ever worked on a project where you had to deal with a bunch of different outside businesses to complete? It’s a pain in the gluteus maximus, isn’t it?

Bypass the headaches and hassle of having umpteen ports of call with your CRM setup; at King Midas, whatever you need us to do, you can rest assured we’ve got the expertise to get it done. From conducting comprehensive messaging audits and properly mapping out your customer journey to designing a fully custom end-to-end strategy and more, we’ve got you completely covered.
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CRM Agency Australia

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From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to save their time.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to save their time From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to save their time

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An Overview of CRM Solutions

CRM is a software ecosystem that stores data about the consumers of a brand. By doing so, the business owner, marketing manager or whoever is in charge of communications is able to review how the relationships are tracking to better nurture each lead. This means that eventually, when it’s time for the sales team to step in and take the reins it’s as simple and straightforward as possible.

A CRM platform is also incredibly useful as it can not only replace the often clunky usage of different databases and spreadsheets, but also consolidate all of the communications that have been made between the business and each of its customers.

Within a quality CRM you’ll be able to clearly see everything including (but not limited to):

  • Phone calls to/from the customer
  • Whether they’ve filled out and submitted a form
  • All emails sent out and received
  • Every meeting occurrence and its purpose
  • Purchases made by the customer
  • Where the customer is according to the purchasing journey
  • Contact information

Top CRM software is able to show its users quickly just how hot (or cold) a lead is through what’s known as lead scoring. This is where the sales/marketing department essentially rank prospective leads by assigning a score to each of them which determines the likeliness of making a purchase, which is created using past engagements with your business (online enquiries, calls, downloading an ebook, etc.).

Additionally, a CRM has the potential to set up a wide range of marketing automation triggers. For example, you can create various different marketing email templates that are automatically sent out to your customers when they perform a certain behavioural action such as viewing a certain page on your site. Or because you have a database that includes birthdates, there might be an email trigger that sends something out to them on their birthday offering a special discount.

And these are just two of the seemingly endless ways you’re able to implement automation on your CRM, improving your communications with your customers and growing your relationship with them while saving you a heck of a lot of time in the process.

CRM isn’t specifically used for consumers, either. There are a lot of brands in Australia and around the world that also use their CRM for external stakeholders including business partners to stay on top of every area of their business operations more effectively.

If you’re yet to have a CRM system set up, there’s almost a 100% chance you’re mishandling your existing leads or missing opportunities with them altogether. Because at the end of the day, it’s simply impossible to stay on top of every one of them.

When you have everything neatly laid out in front of you, where you can see exactly where they’re at in terms of purchasing and can see when and where they’ve engaged with your business before, it makes things so much more straightforward.

But it doesn’t just stop at having access to clear and concise data about consumers, either. You can also automate a lot of marketing and sales tasks that you’d have otherwise had to do manually, which will save you valuable time with which you can put to much better use.

Indeed, businesses right around Australia will undoubtedly see a huge amount of benefit by setting up a CRM. But it’s important that it’s put together right from the beginning to the highest level of quality, otherwise you’ll be picking up the faulty fragments long into the future and losing out on what should have been easy conversions.

If you don’t have the experience necessary to develop your custom CRM ecosystem to the highest degree, it’s vital that you engage a team of professionals to do it. And you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better at CRM setups in Australia than the team here at King Midas.

Whether you’re a small business in Australia interested in connecting better with your existing and future customers, a nationwide brand in Australia that wants to improve your customer journey or something in between, you’ll most definitely benefit from implementing CRM.

  • Understand every customer better. When you’re able to really understand the wants and needs of your customers, you can improve your product and service offering to meet those wants and needs. And because a CRM lets you store a huge amount of information about each and every one of your current, past and soon-to-be purchasers you can explore these wants and needs so much easier than ever before.
  • Increased retention. You’re no doubt aware that retaining a customer is several times cheaper than bringing in a new one, and a CRM makes it a cinch to stay connected with existing clients. For example, a prompt to reach out to those who may not have heard from you for a while.
  • Streamlined communication. Including automated emails as part of your CRM means each customer will receive marketing messaging at the most appropriate times (birthdays, cart abandonments, specific page views, sending enquiries, etc.). Using carefully crafted templates that are automatically sent out means much faster communication between you and your audience and improves brand equity and professionalism.
  • Enhanced audience segmentation. Because you have all of your customers within the CRM, this makes segmenting them all into specific target audiences a breeze. You’re able to break down your contacts using particular parameters, and once you’ve drilled them down to where you want you can then run highly targeted email campaigns that deliver substantially higher click-throughs.
  • Minimisation of systems. Forget marketing and sales teams using their own spreadsheet or app to keep track of things. With one central CRM, everyone’s on the same page and can monitor customer journeys and understand exactly when the sales team can be moss effectively utilised to drive higher conversions.
  • Grow sales. Every benefit that we’ve discussed so far leads to one very important overarching benefit – increased sales! Improved insights into your audience, better targeting potential and more effective communication all working together means your sales are going to infinity and beyond.
  • Save time. How does automation of all those annoying marketing and sales tasks that need to be addressed every day sound? By setting up marketing automation flows within your CRM, you’ll free up a significant amount of time so you can apply yourself to other areas of the business.

The main purpose of any CRM is to store all of the data collected about each existing customer, potential leads and business partners.

You might be thinking that this sounds like something a pretty basic spreadsheet can handle, and on the surface you’d be correct. But unlike a spreadsheet, a CRM can help companies do so much more than store data. While this is its core focus, a CRM is also able to do so, so much more.

Using your CRM platform, you can track exactly where people are within the customer journey process. And because it can update about particular data on its own without manual input, you’re able to see things like which emails have been sent to them – and which were opened – as well as the last time they made a purchase and even which pages they’ve visited on your site.

As you can now understand, CRM implementation is incredibly beneficial for digital marketing purposes and especially for your sales team who will know exactly when to connect with leads in the sales process to have the best chance at success.

While it might sound like a time-consuming process to set up an effective CRM, once it’s been actioned and automations have been integrated within the system it’ll actually be a massive time saver.

It is arguably the most important part of digital transformation, and if you want your business to not just survive but thrive moving forward, it’s time to speak with the CRM experts at King Midas.

You might be thinking that the development of a CRM is only going to be valuable for huge brands’ customer experiences and market penetration, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, big businesses across Australia and New Zealand have large marketing teams, which means they have much more resources to communicate with their customers in a more hands-on way and update their sales team when necessary.

But running a small to medium brand, chances are you don’t have a mega marketing team. Which means having a technology platform that you can rely on to take care of a whole heap of tasks for you automatically is even more essential – especially when you start to experience rapid growth!

The technology is there to save you time and reduce costs. So whether you’re a major brand in Australia or a SME, you need to partner with a digital agency that has extensive experience with either bespoke development of CRM or expertise in configuration of existing technology like the Salesforce or Hubspot CRM.

Every single brand is different, and of course this means elements such as the customer journey, overall customer experience and marketing strategies are as well. As such, one of the most amazing things about CRM implementation is just how customisable it is.

For example, businesses might prefer to take the more straightforward route to their CRM and go with an established platform. This includes going through a comprehensive configuration process which is limited to the functionality of the chosen platform.

Alternatively, if there are more complex or specific functions required by businesses they might opt to speak with a CRM consulting company to undertake a development project to build a completely bespoke software platform for their CRM.

The option you decide to go with will depend on a few different variables, the first of which is your budget. As you might imagine, engaging a company to build the software for your CRM from the ground up will cost more than using an existing platform.

It’s also going to depend on whether any platforms offer every one of the features you need to fulfil your marketing goals. While clients’ data collection and customer experience improvements might be catered for, you might not be able to find one that covers every one of the digital transformation functions you want.

But even if you do end up going the easier and cheaper route and choose software that’s already on the market, the intense configuration process can be incredibly overwhelming. Skip the stress and leave the technology implementation of your CRM to the pros at the best agency in the business – King Midas.

How Can a CRM Agency Help My Business?

When it’s time to bring CRM into your digital marketing strategy and you want to outsource it to make sure the project is completed at the highest level, you need to find the right digital agency to do it. So how do you know which digital marketing agency is the one to go for?

In terms of CRM implementation, you should keep your eyes out for a few different things when you’re shopping around. First, because a CRM is so reliant on data, you should find an agency team that themselves have a major focus on data. Because if they’re not data obsessed, how can you trust them to create a project that properly utilises customer data for you?

It’s also important to look out for an agency that has a proven track record of success with a range of different clients from various industries. This variety shows you that they’re fully capable of adapting and building out things like a customer journey for clients of all shapes and sizes.

And let’s not forget about their own platform that they use. After you reach out to the agency, how did their engagements work with you from that point on? If their marketing service is solid, they’ve got their own CRM locked down and you can trust they have the talent to take care of yours too.

So check out their list of current and past clients, find out how their own platform performs, and make sure they’re lovers of data. And be sure to meet the team face to face to determine your gut feeling about the people with whom you’ll potentially be working.

The exact services your brand needs in terms of creating a CRM is going to be different from the next brand, because each brand has its own digital marketing goals. You might want to incorporate a web development or even a mobile app development service as part of the project.

There are so many different parts of CRM development, so if you already have particular elements that are live but aren’t completely happy with how they’re performing it might be time for a service audit.

The team at King Midas have experience across every service you could think of when it comes to CRM. So if you want to team up with an agency that can organise it all for your brand under one roof – and do so with exceptional results to boot – talk to the King Midas team now.

The development of your brand’s CRM will be dictated by several key factors. These may include:

  • How complex your customer journey pathways are
  • If you want us to optimise your customer experience across the web
  • The size of the market your brand is in
  • Whether you have an existing customer base or are starting from scratch
  • If you’re after an expert overhaul of your customer journey(s)
  • If you want to use an existing platform of are after development of a bespoke one

Thankfully, as the leading CRM development brand in Australia we’ve worked with countless businesses with highly varying budgets. Because of this, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to create a unique solution for your brand that ticks every box.

If your brand is currently not using a CRM to store data on each customer you have, there’s a massive chance you’re missing out on sales and lead nurturing. This might be due to missed marketing messaging opportunities to a particular customer segment at the appropriate time. Or because of reduced customer retention because you didn’t have the time to respond to every email you received.

Any brand that is seeking a cost reduction while also freeing up a huge chunk of time through automation can look at CRM as the key resolution.