From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to save their time.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to save their time From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to save their time
Why all Australian businesses can benefit from email marketing

Why all Australian businesses can benefit from email marketing

Why all Australian businesses can benefit from email marketing

Indeed, email marketing remains the most effective channel within the digital landscape to reach your target audience. Because the fact remains that people check their emails a number of times a day – about 15, actually. As a result, it provides the perfect opportunity for brands to drive consumers through the sales funnel and produce more sales.

Whether you’re a local small business keen to increase foot traffic in your bricks-and-mortar shop, an ecommerce business owner that wants a higher click through rate and more website visitors or a digital marketing manager at a globally-recognised brand interested in improving your customer experience, the right email marketing services will get you there.

The King of all Australian email marketing companies

The King of all Australian email marketing companies

The King of all Australian email marketing companies

There are so many different elements that can be utilised in the digital marketing strategy of Australian businesses these days that email marketing is often something that’s overlooked. Often, this is simply due to the time it takes to work on the email marketing platform and build out an effective campaign.

Thankfully, there’s an email marketing agency with a track record of delivering outstanding results for their clients time and time again. One that understands precisely how to develop an email marketing strategy that produces the highest ROI possible. And that’s the team here at King Midas.

Delivering a full suite of email marketing services under one roof

Delivering a full suite of email marketing services under one roof

Delivering a full suite of email marketing services under one roof

When you want to renovate or build a home, it can be a huge pain to have to speak with umpteen different businesses to get the job done. Recognising that our clients don’t want the hassles and headaches of dealing with a long list of agencies for their email marketing services, at King Midas we’ve made sure to offer everything your email campaigns could ever need in one convenient place.

From creative design and copywriting to email marketing strategy development, campaign monitor, automation and optimisation plus much more, we’ll take care of everything to transform your target audience into loyal customers and drive exponentially more sales.
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An Overview of Email Marketing

The short answer is that email marketing is a digital marketing approach in which email is used to communicate with an audience to achieve particular business goals.

The longer, more detailed answer is that email marketing efforts continue to be the most effective method for businesses to reach their intended target audience, with an average return on investment of $36 per $1 that’s spent. But email marketing isn’t only the promotional emails that you’re bound to have seen a number of times before. In addition to brands sending out discount offers and the like, their email strategy will generally also include automated emails that include transactional emails (purchase confirmations) as well as welcome messages for new email subscribers and more.

An email marketing strategy should involve a wide variety of different triggers based on things like website visitors’ behaviour (e.g. navigating to specific pages), newsletter sign-ups, shopping cart abandonment and other particular actions.

Any content marketing approach should include email marketing as one of its major pillars, and to minimise the time that needs to be spent on it while maximising your ROI, marketing automation is an integral step when setting it up.

But email marketing automation isn’t simple and straightforward to set up, so if you don’t have experience doing so it’s important to reach out to an email marketing agency that has expertise with automated emails. And if you’re looking to achieve the most incredible email marketing outcomes possible, King Midas is exactly the email marketing agency for you.

There are several different elements when it comes to producing an email marketing campaign:

  • Research. Getting a clear understanding of your business and who your target audience really is through extensive research (inclusive of competitor analysis) lays the foundation of your email marketing efforts in accordance with your business goals.
  • Platform. There are quite a few different email service providers out there, and our experience has enabled us to know which are the best. While we do have the expertise to work on any email platform, we may provide a professional recommendation which meshes best with the email marketing software being used.
  • Strategy development. Once we have an insight into your brand and audience, it’s time to build out your strategy. This will encapsulate everything from recognising where email drip campaigns might work using marketing automation through to audience and email list segmentation and much more.
  • Creative. Knowing exactly who we’re talking to and when, we’ll put together fully responsive email creative (design, imagery and copy) which are eye-catching, compelling and completely adaptable to all kinds of devices.
  • Destination optimisation. Before pulling the trigger and setting your email marketing campaign live, it’s vital that wherever you want them clicking through to is exactly where it needs to be to have the best chance of converting. Depending on where the CTA directs, that may mean redesigning landing pages or reviewing your social media marketing and optimising wherever necessary. Because the last thing we want is to create an epic email marketing strategy, only to have your click-through website visitors bouncing due to a slow, unresponsive or irrelevant page.
  • Marketing automation. While marketing automation most definitely plays a big part during the strategy development stage, it needs its own step simply because if it’s set up correctly initially, it’ll save you an immense amount of time down the track. Marketing automation in terms of email marketing means creating a variety of what are known as ‘flows’. This essentially means that if a certain action is taken by someone in your email list, there are emails automatically sent out at specific times as a result. For example, they abandon a shopping cart and receive an email the next day reminding them. If they still don’t buy, another email is sent a week later with a discount offer. Still no purchase? Another email goes out the following week with a bigger discount but with 24 hours to use it.

These are just a few of the email marketing services involved when developing your campaign! As you can imagine, the right email marketing agency would make a huge difference in the ease and successes of your email campaigns.

And the last thing you want to be doing is working with a bunch of different agencies for your email marketing services. Keep things simple and partner with King Midas – we’re an email marketing services company that ticks every box, and know exactly how to maximise your ROI.

The costs involved when partnering with an email marketing agency will be dependent on quite a few different things.

For example, a local business looking to implement email marketing Melbourne wide isn’t going to have to spend a gargantuan amount of money to do so. Especially compared to, say, a multinational that wants to bring email marketing automation into their content marketing strategy to reach hundreds of audiences in various stages of the sales funnel across dozens of locations.

Or if you’re only after one email marketing service alone, it’s going to be less than if you were after a comprehensive array of email marketing services. Australia is home to the best email marketing agency in the business though (cough cough King Midas cough cough), who can work with you no matter what your overarching goals or budget might be.

So if you want to take the next step towards seeing absolutely insane ROI via email campaigns that have been developed by experts in the digital marketing and email game, get in touch with our friendly team today.

When you decide that it’s time to bring in email marketing to your digital strategy, you might be a bit confused as to how you go about choosing the right email marketing agency.

And while there are a few different options out there, you need to know that there’s a major difference between a good agency and a great one.

A good agency will offer ‘meh’ email marketing services Melbourne and Australia-wide that probably don’t actually cover every single aspect of the campaign. Or, if they do happen to offer a full suite, the campaign results can be summed up in the same word used to describe them: meh.

A great agency, on the other hand, will 100% provide every one of the services your brand might need when it comes to email marketing, from digital marketing research and email scheduling to automation, creative execution, optimisation and more. Better still, a great agency will deliver outstanding results that surpass every one of your expectations.

A good agency will have a hurried chat with you and probably have generic package deals that have been created ages ago. And if you end up going with them, chances are as soon as you send through the agreed-upon costs they’ll ghost you, dodge your calls and emails, and eventually produce something you’d never want to actually send out to your prospective or existing customers.

A great agency is going to take the time to sit down with you and discuss the ins and outs of your business and the goals you’re looking to achieve. Then, using that information, will create a bespoke email strategy that aligns to your brand and objectives. And because it’s a personally tailored email marketing solution, you can bet it’ll perform a million times better than what a good agency’s pre-prepared package. A great agency will also be completely transparent and provide you with ongoing updates on how things are going, send through creatives for approval and show you where your budget is being spent and why.

A great agency really is in another realm to a good one, and if you’re after a great email marketing agency it’s impossible to look past King Midas.

You might think that email campaigns are only for enterprise companies and major Aussie brands, but this really couldn’t be further from the truth!

Small and medium business owners can also see a massive benefit to developing a quality content marketing strategy with a focus on email. It doesn’t need to be a hugely complex strategy that covers any and every action that is undertaken by your customers on your website. It can be as simple as a triggered ‘thank you for your purchase’ email that includes a promotion for their next purchase, or just a few timed email campaigns that go out to your database at key moments like EOFY sales and Christmas.

The bottom line is that however small or large your business is, your digital marketing approach really should include email marketing. Because at an industry average of $36 per $1 ROI, you’re absolutely missing out if you’re not using it.

There really is no one size fits all solution when it comes to an email marketing campaign. However, when you collaborate with a killer digital marketing agency (like us!) there are a few things that will generally happen in order to develop and execute an email campaign.

  1. We’ll meet with you to discuss with you what your goals are for your email marketing campaign, and ask questions about your business so we get a firm grasp on your brand and its personality.
  2. Our expert strategists will get to work conducting extensive research into your prospective audience segments, your competitors, and find insights to help effectively build out your campaign. This stage also includes developing the automation flow strategy behind the campaign so once it goes live you need to spend as little amount of time possible behind the scenes on it.Using all of this qualitative and quantitative data, we’ll put together a first-class strategy that aligns with the goals you advised us you wanted to achieve and present this completely unique strategy to you for feedback and approval
  3. The King Midas design team will put together a series of creatives for the different emails, all which will be representative of your brand including colours, look and feel. When you’re happy with them, our copywriters will get to work writing highly engaging and compelling copy including subject line, pre-header and body copy to maximise open rates.
  4. To ensure every item in the content marketing list is checked, we’ll perform an audit on all of the landing pages that are being pointed to in the email call-to-actions to confirm there are absolutely no errors throughout the customer’s journey that would interrupt their path to purchase.
  5. Email flows will be built out according to actions, triggers and behaviours, and we’ll do final confirmation that you’re happy with every element. Then it’s time to set the campaign live and monitor it closely to make sure it’s all performing as it should and there are no issues, optimising wherever possible.

As you can see, it’s quite an intensive undertaking from the very beginning. So if you don’t have the knowledge or experience in email marketing, it’s always going to be the best idea to speak with an agency that does. And at King Midas, you can rest assured we’ve got the expertise to deliver nothing but the top results for you.

How Can Email Marketing Help My Business?

Like many other elements within the content marketing umbrella, emails offer a lot of huge opportunities for businesses.

One example is that it provides you with the ability to collect feedback and generate positive reviews. You can have a triggered email that goes out to customers post-purchase that points directly to your Google My Business page’s reviews, minimising the work they need to do to actually leave their review. And the more positive reviews you have on Google My Business, the better chance you have of ranking at the top of the page in the ‘3-pack’ of local businesses that users see when searching for your products/services in the local area.

It’s also the most cost-effective content marketing method, producing an average ROI of $36 for every $1 you spend on it.

And being able to create completely customisable email flows with different triggers and behaviours, you can communicate highly targeted messaging to your audience at the perfect time, which leads to a huge spike in sales.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, too. There really are a heck of a lot of advantages that email marketing brings, which is why it should absolutely play a major part in any content marketing strategy.

If you want to minimise the amount of time you spend manually sending out emails so you can focus on other aspects of your marketing efforts instead, automating the send-outs of as many emails as you can is vital.

While it might be very intricate and a lot of hard work to initially build out the automation flows, it’s most definitely worth doing for the long run. And you don’t even need to do it yourself – the email marketing automation specialists at King Midas will sort it all out for you!